Parish Councillors (7 seats)

Cllr. Chris Shaw (Chairman)
1 Guilford Cottages 
East Langdon
CT15 5JD
Tel: 01304 852097  

Cllr Tony Minns (Vice Chairman)
Oxney House
The Street
CT15 5JP
Tel: 01304 852810 

District Ward Councillors
(Guston, Kingsdown & St Margare
Cllr Martin Bates
Cllr Oliver Richardson

KCC Dover North Councillor
Cllr Steve Manion


Cllr Barbara Price-Stephens
3 Railway Cottages
Station Road
Martin Mill
CT15 5JZ
Tel: 07818851180

Cllr. Shaun Craft
Church Farm
West Langdon
CT15 5HF
Tel: 01304 820097

Cllr John Dyer
Hunts End
Waterworks Lane
CT15 5JW
Tel: 01304 852772
Councillor Roles and Responsibilities


Cllr Jane Watson
Station Road
Martin Mill
CT15 5JZ
07930 828635

Cllr Seb Willett
Forge Cottage
The Street
East Langdon
CT15 5JH
01304 853527

Parish Clerk: Dave Willett
Forge Cottage, The Street
East Langdon
Dover CT15 5JH
01304 853527